East Midlands Unicyclists

The East Midlands Unicyclists (known as EMU) are a group of unicycle riders from Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the surrounding area.

Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey is a fast and skillfull sport, with similarities to ice hockey.

Players ride a unicycle with a maximum wheel size of 24" (most use 20") and use an ice hockey stick to hit a tennis ball.

We play this unique sport in Long Eaton every Tuesday evening, see the contact page for more details.

The official rules for unicycle hockey in the UK can be downloaded from here (PDF).

Mountain Unicycling (Muni)

Muni is both the act of offroad unicycling, and the offroad unicycle itself.

The wheel is normally 24" or 26" with a knobbly tyre, a strong frame, longer cranks and grippy pedals.

They are normally fitted with a brake (to help with downhill riding) but not always.


One of our riders has an Instragram account with lots of great videos of hockey, muni and other styles of unicycle riding... click here to check it out.

Unicycle.com (UDC)

UDC is the place to go for all your unicycling needs.

From complete beginners to experienced riders, UDC are always happy to help find the perfect unicycle for you.

Despite their website being at unicycle.co.uk they're known as unicycle.com or UDC.